October 15, 2019

The unani pathy is one of the ancient therapy of cure diseases. It’s origin date back of Alexander the great.It has four principles 1.Shora 2.Safara 3.Bulgam And 4.khoon

In unani pathy The doctor called Hakim they believed When our body dis balanced one of the four thing I.e. shora,safara etc we feel ill.

The unani medicine is base of herbs and minerals.The medicine are Divided in few types

1.Arq 2.Majun.3 Khamira 4.Jawarish 5.Labub

6.Habbe 7.Qurs 8.Roghan 9.Tila 10.Safuf 11.Kushta

12.Sharbat 13.Murabba 14.Sirka 15 Honey


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